Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fashion "Imogene" Bedroom

New bedroom by GuijoBô.

It is possible to download the set on GuijoBô's Blog.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Updates on SimControl

New updates on SimControl website.

In details:

 - 2 shelfs multiobjects (more usefuls!)
 - 1 house

    Romantic Bedroom

    Romantic "Leonardo" Bedroom...

    It is possible to download the set on GuijoBô's Blog

    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Energy Bathroom

    Energy Bathroom on your modern style.

    It is possible to download the set on SimPossible website.

    Dining Rooms on Vita Sims3

    VitaSims 3 - Copyright

    Tuscany Dining Room.

    VitaSims 3 - Copyright

    Lavelle Truffle Dining
    (Donation Set)

    It is possible to download the sets on Vita Sims 3 website.

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    Suite in Ankara

    Beautiful "SULTAN HOTEL" in Ankara.

    In the  GuijoBô's Blog  is possible to find the complete list to download all the files of the set

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Pillows & Things

    The set contains:
    --3 pillows all recolorable
    --One painting set of canvases (pictured on left)
    --One rug - recolorable
    --One New Yorker Magazine
    --One curtain - recolorable

    It is possible to download the set on Repulsively Desirous Creations

    THE SIMS 3 LATE NIGHT - New Expansion Pack

    The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack Gives Players VIP Treatment In A Dynamic Urban Setting Filled with High Rise Homes, Parties, Celebrities, Bars…and Even Vampires!

    Watch the Trailer!

    Players will be able to take their Sims into the bustling urban setting where they’ll be able to become a local celebrity, member of a music band, mixologist, director, and more. To gain entrance into the most elite clubs in town, players need to keep their attitude in check otherwise they’ll be given the cold shoulder by tough bouncers or find another way onto the list. If chilling is the player’s forte, their Sims can lounge at a chic club or dive bar or if they like to live on the edge, they can discover the secret of becoming a vampire. Whether embarking on a new career, painting the town red, or throwing a party on the rooftop of a penthouse, it’s always up to the player to tell their unique stories with The Sims 3.

    Pure Eyes

    Pure Eyes!

    Download on PralineSims

    San Remo Kitchen

    San Remo Kitchen. Italian Style for your Sims!

    It is possible to download the set (FREE) on CreaSims3 website.

    Fashion Swimmer

    Fashion Style for your Sims at Sea!

    For your Young Adult sims

    Download on SimsTR

    Wardrobe Stuff

    Wardrobe Stuff.

    Download on SIMCredible!

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    Pretty Peach House

    Beautiful house with swimming pool and with a lot of rooms (unfurnished).

    Download the House in Blacky's Sims Zoo website.

    I love Clutter!

    I love clutter Part 1.

    Beautiful objects and decoration by The Sims2 and now converted for Sims3.

    Download the set OneMoreSims blog

    Bedroom and Paintings by Jope

    Simple bedroom style and beautiful paintings for your sims.

    Furniture Idea for your beach house....

    Download on Simply Styling website

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Bedroom "Pêche Melba"

    Beautiful Bedroom....

    Download on GuijoBô's Blog

    New Shoes for young adult

    New shoes  for everyday and formal.

    Download on SimsTR website/forum

    Modern fireplaces

    Beautiful Set of Fireplaces....

    Download on Cosas de Pilar (blog) and TSR websites.

    Cat Eyeliner

    Classic Cat Eyeliner on PralineSims

    Top and Bottom for Teen!

    Top and bottom for your teen....

    Download this set on [here].

    Top and bottom for Young Adult.

    Download the set [here], on Lili Sims website

    Creative corner

    Creative corner for your artist sims!

    It is possible to download the set in SIMcredible Design 3! website.

    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    New Livingrooms (FREE)

    Simple Livingroom

    It is possible to download the set on the Simply Styling website


    60's Livingroom

    It is possible to download the set on SIMcredible! Design 3

    The Sims 3: Meshing in Blender

    I found this interesting video tutorial on Youtube that explains how to create a mesh using Blender software.
    Below are indicated the software and files needed to follow the tutorial:

    I hope this tutorial is useful to create new mesh for Sims3. I want try it as soon possible!!!

    New shoes: Boots

    New beautiful Boots for your trendy sims:

    Scrunchy Boots

    Versace Boots

    It is possible to download the boots on All About Style website

    New Car: Ford Taurus

    New car for your sims:
    2010 Ford Taurus
    Price: $30,000

    it is possible to download the new car on Fresh-Prince Creations website

    Miami Style House

    Miami Style House (fully furnished)
    Price: Furnished- 280.758 $ Unfurnished- 145.177 $
    3 Bedrooms/1 Bath.
    Exterior: Carport,Swimmingpool area.

    It is possible to download this beautiful house on Kata's Blog

    Eyeshadow and nice shoes

    Magnolia Eyeshadow for a sensual look of your sims eyes...Nice shoes !!

     It is possible to download the sims3pack files on Praline Sims Blog.

    New shelves multi objects

    New shelves multi-objects adding 5 slot placement and setting up Geostat do....

    It is also possible to download other interesting multi-objects in the CreaSims 3 website.

    New fashion update, clothing free downloads

    Crochet dress on top and waist areas for your sims3 females everyday and formal wardrobe...

    It is possible to download the sims3pack on Lorandia Sims3